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Set of 2 Tea Towels | Mister and Mrs. Bun's Embroidered Kitchen Tea Towels

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This listing is for a set of two kitchen towels: one each of Mr. Bun's Gardening Service and Mrs. Bun's Carrot Cake designs.

These towels are perfect as a housewarming gift or an office or family gift exchange!

The linen color of the towel offers a clean, minimalist aesthetic to your kitchen, and is 100% machine washable.

The design is embroidered onto the towel, and will therefore not fade or crack over time.

 Product Specifications:

- 97% Cotton Towel

- Towel Measures 18" x 28"

- Towel Features a Loop in the Corner

- Machine Wash

Care Instructions:

- Machine Wash Cold

- Tumble Dry Low

These cotton towels are unique textiles that may have certain minor irregularities or imperfections. These imperfections are intrinsic to the beauty of the textile and should not be construed as defects.